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, by ESSF, NOVAK Adam, ROUSSET Pierre

Here we are with our annual appeal for the ESSF solidarity fund. We’ve already used almost all of our resources for 2019, and we need to prepare for 2020.

Over the last 12 years, ESSF has built unique solidarity relations in Asia. The calamitous situation in many countries is going to get worse. On October 29th, Nature Communications reported on a new study suggesting that the rise in sea levels will claim three times more victims than previously thought; mostly in eastern Asia. [1].

In the face of the increasingly urgent needs, we are determined to increase the number of our donors, recognising that no donation is too small. The number of donors is politically important. Each new donor is a confirmation of our solidarity with those facing disasters, a welcome encouragement. And taken together, “small’ donations have enabled us to provide significant support to grassroots initiatives.

If you can contribute large sums, all the better! But do not give up the solidarity fund because you would judge the amount of your contribution too insignificant. Our minimum solidarity commitment is €500 – that’s only 10 donations of €50. A basic standard bank transfer to our partners amounts to €1,000 – that’s only 10 donations of €100.

ESSF works on a completely volunteer basis. It means that 100% of the donations received are actually transferred to our partners abroad. The costs related to these transfers are mostly bank charges and reduced to a minimum (less than 5%).

Each year brings new ad hoc solidarity campaigns in response to urgent developments. But we also have ongoing engagements in Bangladesh, Indonesia, Pakistan and the Philippines. ESSF doesn’t ‘export’ know-how, we don’t manage our own projects. Instead, we support our movement partners in their response to local humanitarian, social and democratic crises. They take the lead in defining the needs, and the strategy to be followed. Our partners include the MiHands coalition of civil society groups in Mindanao, southern Philippines, the Free Women movement in Indonesia, the BKF-BKS peasant movements in Bangladesh and a network of popular movements in Pakistan.

These partners are facing increasingly difficult conditions, ranging from martial law in Mindanao to the violence of labour and social relations in Bangladesh, growing threat of Islamist aggression against progressives in Indonesia (particularly women and LGBT+ activists), and attacks from fundamentalists and from the secret services in Pakistan...

The conditions under which our partners act are increasingly difficult: martial law in Mindanao, extreme violence in social relations in Bangladesh, the rise of aggressive Islamism in Indonesia (particularly targeting women and LGBT +), crossfire Special Services and Fundamentalists in Pakistan ... So we need to fully consider the issue of the security of our partners.

Alongside the authoritarian radicalisation of local regimes, our partners suffer from the local impact of the USA-China conflict, as well as the complex ecological crisis, of which global warming is only one aspect. All this increases social conflicts particularly between peasants and big landowners.

We ask you to join us by making a donation – small or large – one-off or regular to the ESSF Permanent Solidarity Fund.

We warmly thank all those who are renewing their donations, as well as all those joining us for the first time!

Pierre Rousset and Adam Novak

ESSF does not receive any subsidies.

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