Gilgit-Baltistan (Pakistan) – Urgent call for solidarity: Baba Jan must be brought to Islamabad hospital for medical checkup!

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, by AWP, TARIQ Farooq

Baba Jan life under threat; bring Baba Jan to an Islamabad hospital for complete medical check up!

Baba Jan is feeling chest pain for the last few weeks and the authorities are refusing to take to him Islamabad for medical check up and for angiography. There is no facility of angiography at any hospital of Gilgit Beltistan.

In a hand written letter by Baba Jan, he has complained the chest pain and only pain killers are provided to him.

I updated my facebook on this letter and several organisations have demanded the complete medical check up of imprisoned leader of Awami Workers Party.

Demonstration has taken place at Ali Abad and Islamabad to press the demand.

One is planned in Lahore on 9th February.

Please organise demonstration all over Pakistan and raise the issue through any mean.

This is also an international appeal to all comrades and friends broad to raise their voices for a complete medical check of Baba Jan in a hospital in Islamabad. Please issue statements on social and commercial media, organise a petition or a demonstration in front of Pakistan Embassy in your country, raise it in your parliament, demanding Pakistani government to take an immediate action on Baba Jan’s health.

February 5, 2019

Farooq Tariq
Awami Workers Party

Baba Jan appeal to Imran Khan, HRCP for treatment at Islamabad

Ghulamuddin Gd

Appeal from #BabaJan, the #PoliticalPrisoner of Gilgit Baltistan through a letter to #CMGB, #PMImranKhan #HRCP. He is suffering from #cardiovascular #diseases, his health is deteriorating day by day, doctors suggested for #angiography but no such hospital available in #GilgitBaltistan. He needs to be shifted to #Islamabad as soon as possible, it his #legal and #humanright, if #NawazSharif is shifted to hospital from prison for treatment why not #BabaJan ? These injustices have developed sense of alienation and deprivation among people of #GilgitBaltistan.

Note: The letter of appeal has been written by #BabaJaan himself and sent through his mother who went to meet his ailing son yesterday at #DamasPrison #Ghizar , #GilgitBaltistan

Farooq Tariq

3 février, 09:09

 Baba Jan must immediately be admitted to hospital

Baba Jan chest pain increasing day by day; he is not admitted to hospital, only pain killers given to him;

Baba Jan’s family demanded that Baba Jan’s angiography should immediately be carried out in Islamabad hospital, there is no angiography machines in Gilgit Beltistan,

Awami Workers Party demands an immediate shifting of Baba Jan to a hospital in Islamabad, if anything happened to Baba Jan, we will register an FIR against the administration of Gilgit Beltistan,

Awami Workers Party

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