Gilgit – Baltistan (Pakistan): Incarcerated progressive leader Baba Jan being denied medical care

, by AWP, Pamir Times

GAHKUCH: Baba Jan, the incarcerated senior leader of Awami Workers Party Pakistan, is feeling a pain his chest and might need angiography.

According to party sources, Baba Jan has been complaining about a pain in his chest. Gahkuch based reporters have said that Baba Jan has been referred for Angiography, which is not available in Gilgit-Blatistan.

Party sources have accused the Jail administration of endangering Baba Jan’s life by not transferring him to Islamabad, where Angiography facilities are available.

Baba Jan has been imprisoned since Sep 25th, 2014, along with other progressive workers, for their alleged involvement in rioting after Hunza police shot dead two protesters in Aliabad on August 11, 2011.

Baba Jan and Awami Workers Party believe that the charges are politically motivated. They maintain that the imprisonment is part of an effort to suppress dissent in Gilgit-Baltistan.

Meanwhile, Awami Action Committee Baltistan has announced that a protest demonstration will be held in front of the Islamabad Press Club to demand medical treatment for Baba Jan’s reported ailment.

Pamir Times

• Pamir Times:

Baba Jan must immediately be admitted to hospital

Baba Jan chest pain increasing day by day; he is not admitted to hospital, only pain killers given to him;

Baba Jan’s family demanded that Baba Jan’s angiography should immediately be carried out in Islamabad hospital, there is no angiography machines in Gilgit Beltistan,

Awami Workers Party demands an immediate shifting of Baba Jan to a hospital in Islamabad, if anything happened to Baba Jan, we will register an FIR against the administration of Gilgit Beltistan,

Awami Workers Party